This album has been in the making for about ten years. Life challenges, upheaval actually, brought themes of faith, forgiveness, redemption and renewal to the foreground of my writing. As deep as I dug for the lyrics, I stretched equally wide on the musical styles represented on this album. I found incredible players and a life-friend in producer, Will Robertson.

Aside from No Enemy which was written and recorded in 2010 and had yet to be released, the first song I wrote for this album was God Was in This Place. It was written on a dark rainy day as I was trying to make my way out of a long stretch of depression. That day I learned that when God feels really far away, it's because I am the one that is far away. Most of the songs are personal like that. I set out to make this album a year ago upon turning 50. It's been an incredible year of creating-music, new friends and musical partners. I'm so humbled by the process and excited to share it with you.


    My very best to you with deep appreciation,




    Renewed (Download only)
    • Renewed (Download only)

    Renewed (Download only)

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    This zip file contains all 11 songs as MP3s along with lyric and liner notes.

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    Produced by Will Robertson

    This album would not be possible without the generosity of dear friends

    Executive Producers: Rabbi Amy Perlin, Helaine Blum, Rabbi Brad Levenberg, Rabbi Ron Segal

    Benefactors: Dr. Daren and Amanda Becker, Stephen and Candy Berman, Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, Dr. Robert Kramer, Lewis and Ellen Krinsky, Fr. Dr. Vincent Manalo, Heidi Ortmeyer, Dr. Robert and Joanne Palumbo, Rabbi Jack and Audrey Romberg, Rabbi Sam Shabman, Julie Silver

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