Consumate Performer

She played at center court for the Orlando Magic, she played for President Obama during his historic campaign, she won the 2006 American Idol Faithbased Competition. What's all the buzz about?! Her generous spirit coupled with a stellar band delivers a joyous show that has depth, warmth and plenty of groove.
Worship Leader

Need your spiritual tank refilled? Look no further. Beth has been leading services to standing room sanctuaries for years. With a masterful blend of old melodies and new, contemporary and world-influenced, Beth brings prayer liturgy alive with a sense of intimacy even among the hundreds of people.
Veteran Writer

Beth Schafer is an inspired Jewish tunesmith specializing in guitar-driven songs. But Beth is more than a songwriter. She is a schooled composer and producer and has scored soundtracks for many different media projects. Her skills carry over into her ability to arrange worship music and produce other artists in her studio.

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Limdu cov
Beth was commissioned to write the WRJ Centennial Anthem as well as produce the CD that celebrates their 100th year. You can check out the song and CD, Limdu Heiteiv at the WRJ Website

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